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YAMAHA CVP-103 / CVP-105 / CVP-107 / CVP-109 / CVP-700

CVP-103 CVP-105 CVP-107 CVP-109 CVP-700

The CVP-100 series was released in 1999, with the CVP-700 being the grand piano version of the CVP-107.


KEYBOARD 88 keys (A–1 — C7)
TONE GENERATOR AWMplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_big高级波形记忆技术

AWM(Advanced Wave Memory)是YAMAHA在20实际90年代之后逐渐开始主要使用的一种音源技术,其本质上是PCM采样技术。
(Advanced Wave Memory)
MAXIMUM SIMULTANEOUS POLYPHONY128 (CVP-109), 64 (CVP-107/700), 64 (CVP-105), 64 (CVP-103)
VOICES Clavinova voices: 224 (CVP-109/107/700), 195 (CVP-105/103) Organ Flutes voices: 6 (CVP-109/107/700)

XG voices: 480 Drum Kits: 13 sets (CVP-109/107/700), 12 sets (CVP-105/103)

Voice Groups: Piano, Electric Piano, Guitar, Synthesizer, Organ, Strings/Choir, Brass, Sax/Flute, Bass, Percussion, Ensemble, XG

Dual, Split
EFFECTS Natural Reverb: 5 types (CVP-109) Reverb: 12 types Chorus: 9 types

Effect: 50 types x 2 (CVP-109/107/700), 45 types (CVP-105/103)

Vocal Harmony: 42 types (CVP-109/107/700)
TONE CONTROLS Master Equalizer (CVP-109/107/700)
ACCOMPANIMENT STYLES Rhythm Styles: 157 (CVP-109), 147 (CVP-107/700), 135 (CVP-105), 125 (CVP-103) Pianist Styles: 35 Custom Styles: 12 (CVP-109/107/105/700), 4 (CVP-103)

Style Groups: 8Beat, 16Beat, Ballad, Dance, Rock/R&B, Swing/Jazz, Latin, Country, Ballroom, Trad/Waltz, Pianist, Disk/Custom

Controls: Intro, Main A, Main B ,Main C, Main D, Auto-fill, Ending, Fade in/out, Synchro, Start/Stop, Tap, Metronome, Tempo –/+
AUTO ACCOMPANIMENT Music Database: 564 (CVP-109), 534 (CVP-107/700), 498 (CVP-105), 463 (CVP-103)

Single Finger, Multi Finger, Fingered1, Fingered2, Full Keyboard

Acmp Assist (CVP-109/107/105/700), Harmony, One Touch Setting, Chord Assist, Synchro Stop, Individual Part Volume Control (Mixer)
REGISTRATION Bank A – E x 4 memory locations (20), Freeze, Registration Name (CVP-109/107/105/700)
SONG PLAY MODE Song Playback, Repeat, Volume control of individual Parts (Mixer)

Controls: Song, Play/Stop, Rewind, Fast forward, Pause

Guide Control: Easy Play, Next Note, Sound Repeat

Lyric Display, Piano Roll Display, Keyboard Guide Lamps
SONG RECORD MODE Quick Recording, Track Recording, Chord Sequence, Step Edit (CVP-109/107/105/700), Song Name, Track Edit, Initial Edit, Setup Memory, Vocal Harmony Memory (CVP-109/107/700)
LCD/CONTROLS 320 x 240 dot (240 x 64 dot: CVP-103) liquid crystal display, Contrast dial, Beat lamp, Function button, Mixer button, Page < > buttons, Direct Access button, LCD buttons, data dial, –/+ buttons, Exit button
VOLUME CONTROLS Master volume, Acmp/Song volume
DEMO/HELP 50 Demo Songs; 5 help languages (English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish)
DISK DRIVE 3.5-inch micro floppy disk drive

RIGHT Damper, Pitch Bend (CVP-109/107/700)
LEFT Soft, Damper (CVP-109/107/700), Start/Stop, Harmony, Registration, Registration Freeze, Ending/rit, Break, Break Fill, Bass Hold, Fade In/Out, Effect 1/2 Variation (CVP-109/107/700), Effect Variation (CVP-105/103), Glide
JACKS AND TERMINALS PHONES jacks x 2, AUX OUT jacks (L/L+R, R), AUX IN jacks (L/L+R, R), EXP.PEDAL jack (CVP-109/107/700),

MIC. jack (CVP-109/107/700), VIDEO OUT jack (CVP-109/107/700), TO HOST terminal, MIDI terminals (IN, OUT, THRU)
INPUT/OUTPUT AUX OUT: Output Impedance: 600 Ω
SPECIFICATIONS AUX IN: Input Impedance: 10 kΩ; Input Sensitivity: –10 dBm

CVP-109 CVP-107 CVP-105 CVP-103 CVP-700
MAIN AMPLIFIERS 240W (60W x 4) 120W (60W x 2) 80W (40W x 2) 80W (40W x 2) 120W (60W x 2)
SPEAKERS 16cm x 2, 13cm x 2, 16cm x 2, 5cm x 2, 16cm x 2, 5cm x 2 16cm x 2, 5cm x 2 16cm x 2, 5cm x 2

3cm x 2, 5cm x 2 3cm x 2

3cm x 2
DIMENSIONS (W x D x H) Music stand down Lid down
1415mm x 602mm x 887mm 1415mm x 602mm x 887mm 1402mm x 609mm x 888mm 1394mm x 561mm x 854mm 1417mm x 870mm x 908mm

(55-3/4“ x 23-11/16” x 34-15/16“) (55-3/4” x 23-11/16“ x 34-15/16”)(55-3/16“ x 24” x 35“) (54-7/8” x 22-1/16“ x 33-5/8”) (55-3/4“ x 34-1/4” x 35-3/4“)
Music stand up Lid up
1415mm x 602mm x 1054mm 1415mm x 602mm x 1054mm 1402mm x 609mm x 1049mm 1394mm x 561mm x 1020mm 1417mm x 870mm x 1253mm

(55-3/4” x 23-11/16“ x 41-1/2”) (55-3/4“ x 23-11/16” x 41-1/2“) (55-3/16” x 24“ x 41-5/16”)(54-7/8“ x 22-1/16” x 40-1/8“) (55-3/4” x 34-1/4“ x 49-3/8”)
WEIGHT 71.3kg (157lbs., 3oz.) 66.3kg (146lbs., 3oz.) 64.1kg (141lbs., 5oz.) Models with key cover:

56.0kg (123lbs., 7oz.)

Models without key cover:

54.0kg (119lbs., 1oz.)
86.5kg (190lbs., 11oz.)

Product Positioning


Note: Recorded from CVP-105, all tracks were recorded externally. Quoted from YouTuber Tom Dubourg.

Style Demo 1)
01-16 Beat 1
02-16-Ballad 1
03-Slow Rock 1
04-Big Band 2
Song Demo (Unavailable)
Voice Demo (Unavailable)


CVP-103 Owner's Manual (English)

CVP-105 / CVP-107 / CVP-109 / CVP-700 Owner's Manual (English)

CVP-103 / CVP-105 / CVP-107 / CVP-109 / CVP-700 Reference Booklet (English)

Demos of this section have not been collected completely yet.
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